Before You Leave The House


1. Don't forget to bring the flip flops! Birkenstocks are okay, but make sure they don't mush your pinky toe once they're on. I do have disposable flip flops available for $2 if you forget.

2. No need to shave your legs the day of. It's actually better if you don't, as shaving creates microscopic knicks in your skin, and if I'm applying a salt scrub, it can irritate those tiny cuts. It's also more hygienic for for both of us. Don't worry, your stubbly legs don't bother me.

3. Do you have gel polish on your toes? Please let me know so I can schedule and extra 15min to remove it.

4. We do have free WiFi so feel free to bring your iPad or even a good old fashioned book. 


1. Do you have gel polish on already? Let me know ahead of time so we can schedule an extra 15min to take it off!

2. Just bring your lovely self!

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Are You Running Late?

If you're going to be a little late for your appointment, that's okay, feel free to give me a call, email or text so I know you're on your way. 
*Please note that if you are over 15 minutes late I will have to adjust your appointment accordingly, this could mean if you are getting a manicure and pedicure we might not have time to do one of your services depending on timing and if someone is booked in right after you.