Want to win a free mani/pedi at Squeeze Nail Bar?

It's been 1 year that Squeeze has been open! Can you believe it?! To celebrate I want to give one lucky winner a free manicure and pedicure! woo hoo!

To enter, on September 3rd just tell me how you first heard of Squeeze and what keeps you coming back in my entry form! For bonus points you can follow me on Twitter, share the raffle via Tweet or like me on Facebook! Bonus brownie points with me if you share this giveaway with your friends! A random name will be drawn by Rafflecopter on September 30th and I will get in contact with you via email, I will announce that I have chosen a winner across my social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), but will ask you first before I share your name in case you wish to remain anonymous.

Good Luck Lovies!


Soft, Weak, Flaky Nails Rejoice!

Most of my clients that desperately want to grow their own nails out complain of weak, damaged, flaking and thin nails that hinder their every effort and spoil progress. This is a very common problem! Unfortunately there's not much you can do about changing your genetics, but lucky for us I found LCN's Natural Nail Boost Gel!


So what is it and why do I love it so much?

NNBG is an ultra-thin, ultra-glossy protective shield which requires little to no maintenance after the initial application. Think a super natural looking gel overlay without the filing, drilling, bonders or upkeep. It applies like a gel polish in 2 coats but boasts superior strength and lasting power. Your natural nail is then supported to grow out healthy to your desired length. I do recommend one "fill" at about 3-4 weeks and that's it, just because it can take closer to 6 months for your nails to grow from cuticle to free edge, and why not give them a strong start?  This gel makes the perfect base coat for classic polish or gel polish (hello longer wear) because NNBG is non porous and solvent resistant which means even if you remove that polish with straight acetone, it wont put your results in jeopardy - and neither will trimming or shaping while your nail grows.

For Damaged Nails

By far the best use for NNBG is for damaged nails after the removal of acrylic or other enhancements (if you have a rough tech). The paper thin and sensitive phase is never pleasant. Though NNBG is permanent, much like an acrylic or gel overlay, it merely protects your nails from breaking, splitting or tearing in places that you'd rather they not (like right into your nail bed). Transitioning you easily through 'recovery' and towards your own long, strong nails again.

So you want to see results 'eh?

                                                                    Pedicure done at Squeeze Nail Bar

                                                                    Pedicure done at Squeeze Nail Bar

2014 Nail Trends

I'm sure you've heard of this fall and winters nail trends already, (If not, you can read up on them here, here and - my favourite - here). Trends being nudes, pinks, metallics, gorgeous jewel tones and anything matte (yes, matte is making a comeback).

I remember telling my clients last year that there was an impending "no polish" polish movement coming up, only because we once went off the deep end with the nail art and the bling and the competition stiletto nail style, we were then reeling it back on in. We were bound to go the complete opposite way, and here we are! Au natural is in, but make it matte!

while I love these trends, specifically these...

... I am not ready to give up my nail art. I love having tiny pictures on my nails I love looking at them, I love creating them and I always will, there is something to be said about scaling back and "in moderation", but I will always love....

So don't let the powers that will force you into nail art submission. There is a time and place for mod, sleek, professional nails, but if you are still feeling the urge to douse your tips in geometric shapes, rhinestones and glitter don't feel like you are "out of the trend-loop", I fully support that decision.

Now go fourth and matte-ify your rich jewel tones or try a mani sans colour! Send me a picture to show me how you tried this years trends... or went against it.